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Membership in STA offers the opportunity to network with peers in all sectors of the textile industry through personal contact and association.
Board of Governors - Current Officers


Cameron Hamrick
Hamrick Mills

Board of Governors - Board Members
​Terms Expiring 2026

Steve Adams

ZKR Express

Matthew Llewellyn
Vincenzo Mazzoleni

Marzoli International

Kevin McClure
Monarch Knitting Machinery
Mike Strader

Elevate Textiles

Michael Ward

NC Textile Foundation

​Terms Expiring 2027

Chad Bolick
Unifi Manufacturing, Inc.

Jasmine Cox

Textile Technology Center

Dan Thompson
Coker & Associates of SC
Tom Johnston
Picanol of America
Linsey Flitcroft

DNA Technical Fabrics

John Riddle
Shuford Yarns LLC

Make the Right Move

In Textile Manufacturing

The following past presidents, who are Life Members of the Board of Governors, are no longer active in the association. Past presidents are removed from the active roster (and the association’s mailing list) if they request it or if they do not respond to STA mailings for an extended period.

EDWARD M. DRISCOLL, Tultex Corporation, Gastonia, NC (1978-79)
L. G. STOKER, American & Efird, Inc. (1988-89)

WILLIAM E. GAITHER, Greenwood Mills, Greenwood, SC (1989-90)
JAMES T. POTTER, JR., Shelby Yarn Co., Kings Mountain, NC (1990-91)
STEVE DOBBINS, Carolina Mills, Maiden, NC (1991-92)
W. ROBERT BROWNLEE, Greenwood Mills, Greenwood, SC (1992-93)
MAX M. HUNTLEY, Parkdale Mills, Gastonia, NC (1994-95)
GEORGE R. BROWN, Springs Industries, Inc., Gaffney, SC (1995-96)
SAM W. BRUMMITT, Harriet & Henderson Yarns, Henderson, NC (1996-97)
HENRY SURRATT, Springs Industries, Inc., Lancaster, SC (2001-02)

KEN RADA, Duke-Energy, Anderson, SC (2013-14)

Second Vice President

​Nathan Fisher
Nava Technologies, LLC

​Terms Expiring 2024

Palmer Blair, Jr.
Dillon Yarn Corporation

Tim Manson
Meridian Specialty Yarn Group

Oliver Meier
American Dornier

Thomas Poston
Daikin America, Inc.

​Tina Rogers

Techmer PM

Scott Malcolm

Itema America


First Vice President

​​Evans Tindal
Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC


Devin Steele
Southern Textile Association


Charles Poston
Kluber Lubrication

Member at Large

​Nathan Evans
Seydel-Woolley & Co.

Terms Expiring 2025

Jessica Ethridge
Chuck Butts
Murata Machinery USA, In.c

Jim Ciccone
Harriet Scarborough

Central Textiles, Inc.

Marvin Smith

Shuford Yarns

Vance Tiller
Impact Workforce Solutions

Divisional Officers

Northern Division
Cory Bowman
SANS Technical Fibers
Vice Chairman
Patrick Patton

RSM Company


Allie Bowman
Unifi Manufacturing, Inc.

Southern Division
Nathan Evans
Seydel-Woolley & Co., Inc.
Vice Chairman
Tina Rogers
Techmer PM
Dan Thompson
Coker & Associates of SC

Life Members of the Board

The following past presidents of the association are Life Members of the Board of Governors.

* W. FRED ROBERTSON, Fieldcrest Cannon, Inc., Kannapolis, NC (1986-87)
* H. DOYLE KIDD, Greenwood Mills, Greenwood, SC (1997-98)
* JAMES W. PAYNE, Cone Mills Corporation, Carlisle, SC (1998-99)
   LYMAN W. HAMRICK, Hamrick Mills, Gaffney, SC (1999-00)
* DANIEL E. NATION, Parkdale Mills, Inc., Gastonia, NC (2000-01)
*  LARRY W. OATES, Carolon Company, Rural Hall, NC (2002-03)

* LEE THOMAS, Parkdale, Gastonia, NC (2003-04)
* RUSSELL W. MIMS, JR., Buhler Quality Yarns Corp., Jefferson, GA (2004-05)
   MITCH HENSLEY, Barnet, Shelby, NC (2005-06)
   LISA ARIAIL OEHMIG, Glen Raven, Inc. (2007-08)
   JIM BOOTERBAUGH, National Spinning Co., Inc., Burlington, NC (2008-09)
   JAY SELF, Greenwood Mills, Greenwood, SC (2009-10)
* BRAD BURNETT, Inman Mills, Enoree, SC (2010-2011)
   RANDY BLACKSTON, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, Anderson, SC (2011-2012)
   ED COX, ITG, Cordova, NC (2012-2013)
   JUDSON BOEHMER, La France Fabrics, La France, SC (2014-2015)
   TODD WEMYSS, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, Norlina, NC (2015-2016)

   MIKE KINGSMORE, Palmetto Finishing, LLC (2016-2017)

* CARSON COPELAND, Valdese Weavers, LLC (2017-2018)

    ANDREW BARKER, Matrix Yarns, Inc. (2018-2019)

    MATT SHANNON, Greenwood Mills (2019-2020)

    RICK CARPENTER, Sonoco (2019-2022)

 *  LILLIAN LINK, Southern Textile Association (1996-2022)

* Retired